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Mini Dental Implant Solutions provides the key elements to help you be successful in the placement and restoration of mini dental implants & the marketing to help attract these types of cases.

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Pain,financial limitations,and the time involved in the procedure - these are the top reasons most patients do not move forward with a dental implant treatment. With MOR® implant retained dentures, patients get more out of life. When it comes to satisfaction, no indicator can be more obvious than a smile. With the MOR® small diameter implants, more patients will say “YES.” Mini Dental Implant Solutions is here to help your practice through product support and educational events, both online and in-person.

*The MOR® Mini Dental Implant is equivalent to the 3M/IMTEC® MDI. The 3M™/IMTEC® MDI’s drills and instrumentation may be used.

*3M™/IMTEC® MDI is a registered trademark of the 3M Corporation.

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